Are You Suffering from Entitlement or FOMO?

December 28, 2015

When it comes to this season, I struggle with entitlement. When speaking about my struggles with Food, that is. I see everyone sipping on Starbucks and making lunch plans, Christmas parties, cookie trays and I feel I should be able to enjoy in the festivities as everyone else right?

I get this. I’ve felt this. And it’s taken me a long time to move past it. Sometimes it creeps back in and I have to talk to myself about in the ladies room 😉 but this is something in the world of health that I’ve managed to claim victory.

Let’s take a look at a few definitions.



I guess that one could feel they have a right to overindulge. But the key part of the definition above is the belief. If you truly feel entitled, you’d just eat the extra food and not feel bad about it because you deserve it. BUT THAT’S NOT OFTEN THE CASE BECAUSE WE FEEL BAD AFTER WE DO IT. People who feel entitled don’t feel bad about taking something they think they have a right to. #TruthBomb

Instead I think there’s another feeling we should take a look at.

FOMO or the Fear of Missing Out



Experiencing the unpleasant emotions that we aren’t included in the happiness coming from the specialty drinks, cookies and desserts this month can certainly make us feel bad.

This isn’t a feeling of entitlement but instead something that comes from your perception of the event or in this case, the time of year.

Who would want to miss out on that???

Let’s Think Through This

We can let things like cookies, coffees and candies sway us into a negative spiral that we hoped to achieve happiness from or we can choose the happiness.

1) Food does not have the power to give you happiness. It’s food. When we think of comfort food, we think it’ll make us happy, right? I want you to think back on the last time you ate comfort food, did you end up happy?

2) You can eat whatever you want. We’re adults and we live in the United States. No one can tell us what we can and can’t eat. Ask yourself if you really want that cookie, coffee or candy. If you do, eat a few bites and enjoy it.

3) Don’t eat/drink what you don’t want. You’ve decided that you want that coffee. I did this at Halloween. Starbucks had a Frankencino and I wanted to have one with my teenager. I ordered it. They called my name and I remember how much that first sip disappointed. It went in the trash. It wasn’t worth it.

4) Give yourself a break. If you want to have a White Chocolate Mocha, have one! Just don’t have one every day! If you want a cookie, (that passed the taste test), have one or two.

5) It’s Christmas! If you can maintain this time of year, you’re winning. We’re out and about to this party and that play which means we don’t have as much control over the food we’re eating. Do your best – make good choices and enjoy the time with your family and friends. A cookie here and there isn’t going to hurt you – it’s when you make a choice to lose control and turn it into a free-for-all, (there’s that word choice again), that you hurt yourself.

This takes time to learn. And you can only learn it by diving right in and doing it. Practice saying no. Practice asking yourself if you truly want the _______.

Now go and enjoy this time of year! Just like happiness doesn’t come from a store, it doesn’t come from a ton of cookies, lattes or cakes! Find your tribe and love on them!



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