Dee Dee's results before and after training with LoriDee Dee was stuck in a fitness rut while trying to lose weight for her 20 year class reunion. She began working out with me in April of 2010. Dee Dee made the decision to commit to her fitness and nutrition routine. With a plan in place, she lost 20 pounds, lowered her body fat and toned her muscles just in time for her October reunion. As you can see, she rocked her class reunion! You can read what Dee Dee had to say about her personal training experience by clicking on the “BOOYAH” link above!


Sharon's result after training with Lori

Sharon decided it was time for a ‘real’ change. She signed up to train with me and took the exercise and nutrition tips to heart, making a part of her everyday lifstyle. Sharon has lost 25 pounds! She walks 2-3 miles every morning and works out with me once a week. She also takes her workouts with her on vacation. Sharon has maintained her weight-loss through proper nutrition and exercise. Way to go Sharon!



Lori was diligent with her exercise and nutrition and look at the results!

I thought I had it all figured out after my first show. With a family crisis, I began stress eating and had gained weight back. When I began training for my spring competition, my weight had crept back to 129 pounds. I decided that I needed to be my personal best for this competition. I did it! I came in at 112 pounds and 14% bodyfat. My goal is to maintain 120-122 pounds during the off season and gain muscle. I lost 17 pounds.




Allen participated in a fat loss challenge called, Thin for Thanksgiving. It was an online-email based program. He was educated on proper nutrition to compliment his exercise regime at Anytime Fitness. He not only lost 22 pounds but has been taken off his daily diabetes medication and has been able to keep his blood sugar stable through diet and exercise.

Eating clean nutritious food gets results for Allen

Results! Allen before and After



Proper exercise and nutrition got results for Shack



Shack lost 25 pounds during a six week, online fat loss program, called Hot for the 4th. Shack is the mother of 3 beautiful children. This program was so successful, that it is the foundation for the new women’s online fitness community, mFit.




Now it’s your turn to LOSE BIG.

Whether you have a lot to lose, or just those last 10 pounds — I will guide you every step of the way. Join my team online!



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