Updated September 6, 2018

Here’s me, I have High-Functioning Anxiety (HFA) and here’s what it looks and sounds like. Before counseling, I stumbled across that video and discovered discovered my paddling!

While we aim to have fun in our Flock and joke about paddling Ducks and Quack Attacks, anxiety in all its forms—whether garden variety worrying or the disorder I have within Generalized Anxiety Disorder—saps your energy and can shorten your life. There are days I can’t get out of bed.

Exercise, balanced diet, proper sleep, friendships and knowledge provide relief, confidence and I feel good more days than not. If I don’t do those things, I set my watch for troubled times ahead.

I will regularly update this page, including resources we, the Flock, have found enlightening and useful. Understanding my brain defect—and that’s the hereditary brass tacks of the matter—helps me manage my HFA and, trust me, I’m still learning and overcoming.

Keep in mind:

  • I am NOT a licensed therapist, what you see here I’ve found helpful and am merely sharing.

  • Please seek counseling if you’re struggling, I promise the money and time is well spent.

  • If you are in counseling and/or taking medication, follow your doctor’s and/or therapist’s guidance, even if convinced you’re “feeling better”.

  • If you are even daydreaming about hurting yourself, or know somebody showing signs, contact immediately the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (Daily 24/7 phone, text, chat, multilingual and hearing impaired). Talking saves lives.

I’ve benefited from reading the community-based contributions at The Mighty and I’ll lead by sharing one of my favorites, 17 ‘Small’, but Significant, Lifestyle Changes That Help People With Anxiety.

Consider the following our Best-Of collection and please recommend anything that’s particularly helped you. We will update and cull the list if it gets too long or outdated. Also, please alert us if a link is broken since web addresses often change.


Anxiety and Depression Association of America brochures—ADAA (Directing specifically to their page of downloadable PDFs but also explore their entire site.)

Am I suffering From Anxiety or am I just Stressed?—The Cut

Tips to Manage Anxiety and Stress—ADAA

14 Ways People Hide Their Anxiety—The Mighty (I do every single one of these.)

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