Daring to Live Fully

I'll never forget how I felt the first few seconds after the surgeon said "I don't know that you'll ever recover full range of motion in your shoulder". For the first few seconds, I felt a little "poor me" but it only lasted seconds. I immediately asked him to come up with a Plan B. 

6 Months Ago

I hurt my shoulder at work 6 months ago. After developing a staph infection, surgery was needed to flush the shoulder joint. Post-surgery consisted of 4 weeks IV antibiotics and excruciating pain. Then my shoulder froze. This is when I was told that I most likely wouldn't get back full use of my arm.

Enter Plan B

Accepting an arm that didn't work at age 42 was unacceptable. And by "work" I mean I wanted to DB press again. We (the surgeon and I) came up with a Plan B. Even while discussing he was skeptical that I'd make a full recovery. 

And if I was like most people, he would've been right. Most people, get back enough motion to do ordinary everyday things. BUT, I didn't accept. 

I agreed to the procedure, Manipulation of the Shoulder. 

I woke hourly the night of surgery and stretched my arm. I went (still going) to daily physical therapy appointments. Evenings are spent at Anytime Fitness stretching my arm (Lori's version of PT), doing cardio and working legs.

I'm Not What Happened to Me 

With the extra work I've put in, along with the mindset that I will not become what happened to me, my shoulder is bouncing back ahead of schedule. It's been a painful experience but instead of wallowing in self-pity, I allowed myself to feel the emotions and ride the wave. 

Finding ME

This past year, as crappy as it's been, has taught me who I am, how strong I am, who my true friends are and how to be ok expressing myself (even if that means making people mad).

While I wish this had not happened, I'm grateful for the lessons. I'm stronger and more confident than I've ever been. 

Lori Musselman