A Fresh Start

It's hard to say goodbye and start again. It's hard because it's scary. 

It’s “normal” to feel this way.

We often get sucked into a routine and make excuses to remain the same. We're scared. It makes sense. BUT we get to a point with our struggle that conquering the fear becomes necessary. 

1.  Be willing. Stop arguing with your thoughts and be open to trying it. Even if only for 5 minutes try it. 

2. Show Up. Give it your all. Be in the moment, learn from it. Then decide if it's something that's lights a fire inside.

3. Give yourself permission. We believe the stories we tell ourselves. Give yourself permission to seek out and enjoy something new. No guilt. No stress.

4. Tell the truth. Be honest with yourself and where you want to go.

You'll be ok. You'll always end up ok. 



Lori Musselman