Welcome to MusselFit Bootcamp!

I know first hand life is stressful! As women we wear many hats EVERY day - mom, wife, entrepreneur, community leader, church member, family CFO, family CEO - you get the picture. 

BUT, something is missing:

  • You want to feel fit and healthy
  • You want to feel confident in your clothes
  • You want to enjoy food with family and friends without feeling guilt 
  • You want to feel your best
  • You want a community of like-minded women to sweat with, share your struggles without judgement and laugh when we mess up

You need MusselFIT Bootcamp!

Our next session begins on July 9th and ends on September 19th! Download all the deets by clicking here.

A 11-week women’s only fitness boot camp located in Charlottesville, Virginia that is different than other fitness programs. We incorporate the following elements to develop a lifestyle of fitness versus a quick 21-day fix:



45 Minute REST BASED TRAINING Workout on Monday, Wednesday and Friday that combines weights and cardio for a fat burning blast lasting hours after the workout is over. We also partake in yoga once a week with a certified yoga instructor.



We believe in going til you can’t and resting till you can while having fun along the way. If you have fun while working out, chances are higher you’ll stick with the program for life.


We are a community of women linked by common interests and goals; we share the hats of wife,  mother, business owners, community leaders and church members. We lift each other up with encouragement, laughter, support, guidance and accountability.


  • It’s for women who want a more effective way to exercise. 
  • Women not scared to try a new way of working out.
  • Little to no equipment is required but you’ll need to purchase a set of dumbbells and an exercise mat, nothing fancy.
  • It’s for you if you’re willing to set a personal goal and put in the work to achieve it! Workouts are written for beginner to advanced. Using rest based training allows you to work at your level; it never gets easier, you get better!


  • This isn’t for you if you want long workouts. 
  • It’s not for people looking to train for competitions or other events. It’s for women sharing similar goals of looking better and having fun getting there.
  • Bootcamp isn’t for you if you’re looking for a quick fix, short cuts. Consistency is the only key to achieving results.
  • It’s not for you if you’re super-serious when you workout. I believe workouts should be effective but if you’re miserable there’s no point. You’re trying to make yourself happier and healthier, this includes having fun.

Questions? Email me?


  • 11-weeks of bootcamp in an outdoor setting, with an indoor option for extreme cold or heavy rain; we meet on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 5:15-6am
  • Access to our members-only Facebook group
  • Quarterly Ladies Night Out


bootcamper expectations

This is very important, please read carefully. Once you pay and your registration is approved, it will be assumed you read and agreed with the expectations below. 

  • Facebook: You need to have access to Facebook to join bootcamp. Our private group is where ALL notices about bootcamp are posted.
  • Attendance: Each Bootcamper is asked to "check-in" each evening on the group Facebook page so workouts can be properly programmed. Failure to check-in could result in not having access to a good workout OR it could result in an extra station of burpees for the entire group.
  • Solicitation: No soliciting of any kind to members. It's ok to talk about your business, we are all here to support each other but no "selling" of products or services. Please use common sense when private-messenging other Bootcampers; we are a supportive community but please don't expect free services from other gals in the group. One way to support each other is monetarily.
  • Know that failure to follow the above can result in your dismissal from Bootcamp without a refund.

If you've read everything and agree Bootcamp is for YOU.... join us!

MusselFIT Bootcamp holds a very special place in my heart. The women are the best of the best; supporting each other through every burpee, life obstacle and life celebration. Once I receive your payment, I'll want to get to know you better. I'll send a questionnaire to complete. If I feel we aren't compatible, I'll refund 100% of your registration fee. 

There are two options to pay:

  • Pay in Full: $309
  • Pay in 3 installments of $120 each, due on the first Monday of each month