Common Questions

Why so expensive?

My program development and practice is attention and time intensive, based on continual research, feedback and tweaking, which is why we limit the size of each incoming Flock. Plus the “financial pain” cements your commitment to action. Visit the pricing page to learn more.

Why isn’t there an installment option?

Human beings hate committing because doing so is risky, which is scary and people naturally wish to avoid pain. The lump sum forces you to decide and choose about changing your life. You are free to accept or decline. If the price feels like an anchor, $3,000 is only $250 monthly or $8.22 daily. Your transformation to feeling better is worth every cent.

What makes you special/different?

I focus most on the backend, but what comes AFTER you’ve started realizing results, what I call, “The after-after”. I don’t know of any training program concerned with preventing you from reverting because all assume, “You’ve got this! Have a nice day.” 

I believe on-going support and maintenance is the missing link of certified training programs. Most people regress after they’ve achieved their goals (assuming they ever do) because new habit adoption longterm is difficult. Habits are last-in/first-out (LIFO). In other words, original habits die hard, which is why so many regain and even pack on more weight after reaching their goals. I did.

Everything I teach focuses on transforming you long term, so the emphasis on creating and retaining new habits is, not only critical for sticking, but also an innovative approach I haven’t (yet) seen offered by any other certified trainers. (Let me know if you spot anyone.)

How do I know this will work?

You don’t, that’s the risk you accept, which forces you to commit and do the work as directed.

I cannot guarantee much because I don’t control your behavior and cannot force you to comply. For anxiety sufferers in particular, you must not only complete the workouts, but also participate in the group, lean on others for support and come out of your shell. All of this is going to be hard. I know, because I suffer an anxiety disorder and getting out of bed some days is a herculean task. Cutting the videos you see on this site took a hellish month.

You’ll see results if you take baby steps, follow the plan and BELIEVE.

Do you offer a guarantee/refund?

No. I guarantee you’ll be in shape and make new friends IF you follow my lead and do the work, but your subscription will be a sunk cost if you bail, which again is purposeful to fortify commitment and habit formation.

Why do you need my email and shipping address?

I don't require a shipping address for Orientation (free trial), only for paying members. We send gifts so we need an address to ship packages. You learnhow important variable rewards are for adopting and maintaining new habits long term. Who doesn’t look forward to receiving a surprise every once in awhile?

As for email, I detest spam and you can unsubscribe at any time; however, with social media changing formulas so frequently, going old school email is the best communication channel for assuring we can reach you without wondering if our message will be seen. Email also works if our site ever goes down.

See the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions if worried. Bottom line, I need your info to communicate, send you stuff and process payments. I can’t function without and would be stupid to abuse your trust.

Can guys join?

Nope. Men don’t listen. Guys will waste their time and money not following instructions. Maybe one day…..nope.