Updated September 6, 2018

Dieting is draconian and rarely lasts past any holiday, so let’s have fun with food while nourishing ourselves thoughtfully and taste-fully (meaning yummy!)

I’m permitted to give general nutrition guidance as an ACSM certified trainer but consult your physician or a registered dietician (R.D.N.) for specific recommendations for your personal health.

I promote well-balanced eating and food journaling because, like so many with anxiety, I struggle stress-eating. Meal tracking is merely awareness, not limits or punishment. We’ve all experienced telling ourselves we can’t or shouldn’t eat something, which causes the craving to intensify and then we feel miserable whenever we buckle.

This part of the pond will include tips, resources and recipes to enable us to control food, not the opposite. We must eat to live, food is our friend, so we aren’t going to torture ourselves “dieting”, especially since it doesn’t work.


Duck Measurements Tracker (Don't forget to send me your Before-After pictures and measurements every two weeks!)

Macro Guide (These first two are also on the Track page.)

It’s Easy To  Become Obese in America. These 7 Charts Explain Why—Vox

Recipes (the good stuff!):

Flock Approved Recipes