Updated September 6, 2018

Arguably this is the most important page on the website and we’ll alert when updated as habits research is in its heyday. This page, the hub of our Habits Program, is still being developed and will be released soon.

Our mission reads simply but is challenging. Through the power of group support, our Flock members individually embark on and ingrain longterm a catalyst habit as their bedrock for helping themselves feel better however they define (e.g. calm, content, strong, confident).

Your cornerstone habit could be exercise, proper sleep, well-balanced eating, meditation, etc. Whatever that ONE thing is for you, doing it repeatedly until solidified beyond routine into habit will lead to other positive benefits in your life, even empowering you to achieve other seemingly unrelated goals. For example, I rely on my catalyst habit of exercise to combat , my anxiety disorder.

My newest mission to bake into habit is sleeping nightly no less than eight hours, and you have my permission to ask how I’m doing and hold me accountable.  

This page serves as the epicenter for habits knowledge distilled as clearly and concisely as possible. (Let me know if it's not.) Part of the difficulty of maintaining a new habit, is keeping the process as simple as possible for a behavioral change that is complex.

The basic ingredients of habit formation and retention have been stated variously in research as these stages or elements:

  • Cue/Reminder/Trigger

  • Action/Behavior/Routine

  • Benefit/Result/Reward

Within the process of creating a new automatic behavior (habit) are the must-haves of group support and belief—you’ll see often variations of the word BELIEVE because it’s so crucial to habit adoption. Every "12-step" program is built upon and fails without. 

Just as you have a workout program, our MusselFIT system includes a Habits Program we are developing and will post here. Habits research is hot right now so refinement of this habits recipe will be an iterative process that together, as First Flock, we’ll formulate our best practices for what’s effective based on experience and shared support/feedback. You’re a part of something special!

As mentioned previously, one of the critical parts we can only learn through doing is the timing of variable rewards to solidify ongoing compliance and participation. In other words, your membership includes sending you surprise gifts in exchange for your feedback about what works.

Stay tuned, more awesomeness to come.