What is the Little Black Dress Bootcamp?

The Little Black Dress Bootcamp is a six-week online bootcamp that will empower you to feel better through simple, effective, cutting-edge fitness habits and nutrition strategies. Participate in the Little Black Dress Bootcamp online only with portal access and a downloadable PDF and/or add in-person training sessions at Anytime Fitness Ruckersville*.


Begins: Monday, November 5th
Ends: Friday, December 15th

(Prep weekend is Saturday, November 3rd through Sunday, November 4th)


Once you are signed up, you’ll receive instant access to MusselFIT’s Little Black Dress Bootcamp’s Welcome Page. Here you will find information to help you prepare for the challenge.

Once the challenge officially begins on November 5th, you will receive access to the Bootcamp content that includes:

LBD Workout Thumbail.png


Workout Schedule—Know exactly what you’re doing daily, including days off.

Detailed Workouts with written instruction and/or video

Option to download workouts as a PDF to take with you to the gym

Schedule personal training with me

ACCOUNTABILITY: Accountability and peer support are CRITICAL when starting and sticking to a program. Achieving success is easier when you have a sisterhood to cheer you on. We are better together!

Private Facebook Group - I will check in with you DAILY with love roll calls, educational videos, mini challenges, recipes and more. You’ll get to chat with other women working towards the same goals and facing similar struggles, and ask questions!

Goal Setting Workout: We’ll work together to define achievable goals founded on new habits science. Note: we won’t be using the scale whatsoever. Instead we will track progress by measuring body circumference and taking progress pictures.

LBD Food Thumbnail.png

NUTRITION: When you eat whole, unprocessed foods your body will thank you by controlling cravings and increasing your energy.

Macronutrient Education—What are they, why do they matter and how do I use them to create a healthier lifestyle?

Simple Nutrition Guidelines—The nutrition guidance is easy to follow and won’t make you feel deprived.

Recipes—Download our recipe booklet with quick-to-prepare, kid-approved meals making use of ingredients you likely keep handy.

Coaching—I never tell you what you can and cannot eat because science shows all dieting fails long-term. Instead, we’ll become detectives and figure out what works for YOU by incorporating new eating habits.

LBD Habits Thumbnail.png

SCIENCE OF HABITS EDUCATION: I’ve spent over a year reading everything I could find about habits research trying to understand why I reverted and nearly doubled my weight after competing in bikini. This is the secret-sauce, that one, awesome thing that will set this training program apart. Getting started with baby steps and following like a recipe with practice, you’ll be able to continue this journey. Creating new habits means an end to extreme dieting and punishing workouts. Research I’ll share shows easy and slow are more effective than short and torturous. Deprivation, exhaustion and guilt are out, new lasting habits are in!


How much is less-than-ideal health costing you?  How many doctor visits and prescriptions have you worked into your budget? How much do new outfits cost because you still can’t fit into your wardrobe?  How much do sweets and processed foods cost? How does it feel letting out the huge sigh when you buttoned your first pair of jeans this fall and they are snug? How does it feel to constantly start over and over with diet after diet, wondering WHEN the heck something will work for you? How much is it worth to finally have the good health, increased energy and fat loss you’ve wanted for years?  Continuing on your current course could be costing you a lot.

I want to help you feel better! Wouldn’t it be great to smile while in a fitting room? You are worthy of loving yourself as you are while wanting to improve your physique for you whether it’s for health reasons or looking good in your skinny jeans!!!

Registration ends on Friday, November 2nd at 11:59PM EST.

Little Black Dress Six-week Online Bootcamp: $180

*If you’re local and would like one-on-one accountability, I highly encourage you to register for 12 Small Group Training Sessions at Anytime Fitness in Ruckersville. The cost is $10 per session and if not a member of the gym, an additional $20 registration fee applies. Note: this is an additional cost paid directly to Anytime Fitness and is not included in the LBD Bootcamp. Signing up for the sessions alone at Anytime Fitness does not give you access to the LBD program. Sign up information for Small Group Training can be found on the Welcome Page once you are logged in.