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Welcome to MusselFIT’s Little Black Dress Bootcamp Portal

This will be our go-to spot for all the tools necessary to rock this 6-week habit induced transformation bootcamp! If I told you to post your before pictures in our group Facebook page right now, you would probably notice your heart rate spiking, negative self-talk and maybe a little sweat on your brow. Don’t worry! I am not making the public post a part of your homework (I will be asking you to send the picture to my email :)). BUT what if I told you that by dedicating the next 6 weeks to yourself, you’ll be begging to post your before and your after?! That is exactly my goal!!!! And because I am so confident you’ll experience success, I am going to post my before and after pictures at the end of the program!!!!

Ready to get started? Let’s go over the game rules!

  1. Commit: Fighting cancer is hard. Reforming bad habits isn’t hard. It sucks a but it isn’t hard. I expect you to commit to being your best the next six weeks! Don’t misunderstand, I didn’t write “commit to being perfect”. I want you to give your best! You’re going to screw up! That is ok because when we screw up we use it as a lesson to beat our old habits. Old habits die hard; we must figure out the triggers of the bad habits and create a game plan to reform them!!!

  2. Participate: You signed up to be part of a bootcamp!!! I expect you to be an active member of the camp or you will get the boot! Studies show that group support is key to engraining new habits…. listen to the research! Not only has science proven it but I can say from clinical experience, it is the TRUTH! Each day I’ll expect you to check in with everyone on the group Facebook page - no matter if you’re reporting a day of lean proteins and veggies or a day where your face accidentally fell into a tub of Turkey Hill Ice Cream!!!

  3. No Excuses: Everyone has the same amount of time and no one has a problem somebody hasn’t faced before. I teach an early morning bootcamp, work an 8-5 gig, teach class and train at the gym and train online. I still workout. I still make good nutrition choices most of the time. I still play the part of Soccer Mom. We will work together in the group if you are having difficulty planning your week of food and movement but we won’t say “I can’t find the time”.

Those are my 3 big rules. If you can’t play with the big dogs, let me know by close of business on November 4th and I’ll refund your monies*. Once you have received access to the training materials in the portal, no refunds - not even if you are booted for lack of participation!!! I am promising to you my best by offering you my precious time and knowledge; I expect the same in return!

What happens next?

PREP WEEKEND: On Saturday, November 3rd at 9am EST, I will be going LIVE (or will be doing a Zoom call) to help you prepare for bootcamp and to answer any questions you might have!

AND GO!: On Monday, November 5th, you’ll have full access to the portal featuring all you need to be successful!

WINNER, WINNER, CHICKEN DINNER!!!!! At the end of the challenge, I am going to choose 1 lucky duck to win a really cool prize. If you wanna win, you should know that participation and engagement is what will get you in the right direction :)

anytime fitness ruckersville

Remember that part about training with me in person at Anytime Fitness Ruckersville? Here’s what you need to know:

  1. All sign-ups for training must go through Lisa Taylor, owner of Anytime Fitness Ruckersville. This will require you stopping in at the gym. BUT, Lisa has offered to get most of the ‘stuff’ out of the way via email. Please contact her at

  2. I ask that you sign up for 12 Small Group Training sessions. They are $10 each ($120). If you aren’t a member of the gym, you’ll be asked to pay a one-time $20 enrollment fee, so your total would be $140.

  3. *It is your responsibility to ask the club about their refund policy.

  4. Remember, this is a cost in addition to the LBD Bootcamp.