Hi, I'm Lori Musselman. I grew up poor, raised by my Gram in Central Pa. I'm a mother of two boys and two dogs. 

Jake, Lori and Sam

Jake, Lori and Sam

A few years ago I learned my lifelong daily, inner turmoil is called High Functioning Anxiety,  one flavor of General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) among the anxiety disorders suffered by 40 million of us, with women twice as likely as men to be affected. Learn all about as I did by reading Scott Stossel’s best-seller, My Age of Anxiety.

“To some people, I may seem calm. But if you could peer beneath the surface, you would see that I’m like a duck—paddling, paddling, paddling.”

—Scott Stossel (Page 23, My Age of Anxiety)


I’m calm and collected topside but paddling away beneath the surface, often in circles and sometimes flapping.

I set out to develop for anxious moms like me a workout prescription to slow the paddling, build confidence and hopefully reduce or potentially eliminate the need for pharma meds (and other vices) by replacing with the good brain chemicals you get from regular exercise, proper sleep, healthier diet and supportive friendships.


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Convinced I knew the answer when I competed in bikini, I backslid so far, not only regaining but nearly doubling the weight I had dropped. Plus I nearly lost the use of my right arm. Read more about my journey on my blog.

But through my struggles I finally found the key component, the golden ring most everyone misses or cannot sustain IF or AFTER they meet their goals.