You will be among the First Flock, a limited inaugural group of Ducks who will help me determine a key component of habit formation and retention I can only learn through member behavior and feedback, the most effective timing of rewards. Your participation and reactions will reveal what works best for what’s known as variable rewards (unexpected gifts, awards and recognition!), which are critical for adopting new habits long term beyond temporarily following a rote routine.

Once we determine together how surprise rewards work best, MusselFIT will update pricing for new Ducks but First Flock pays once, so think of yourself as a trailblazing, lead Duck!

First Flock members get lifetime access to the always-updating MusselFIT System, any changes, new stuff and ongoing support for a fixed $3,000 charged once. There are no refunds so try Orientation (free trial) to be sure you want to commit the time, effort and coin.  

I am limiting First Flock membership to the first 200 Ducks and then closing the pond until late next year. You’ll get a lot of attention because feedback is critical to lasting habits. We will develop friendships for individual transformation. I even hope to eventually hold an annual retreat somewhere fun to share stories and best practices.

One-on-One Training

If you want even MORE attention, I will travel to you for three personal training sessions over one year (multi-day each trimester) and base your price and deposit on my airfare and lodging for a four-day stay somewhere decent. Based on the time and travel, I can accept only 10 personal training Ducks and will attempt to talk you out of it if I don’t feel it will be a good use of our days and your money.

For those interested in one-on-one training, please first provide this information so I can learn your situation, goals and where you live, then we’ll schedule an appointment to speak and see if one-on-one training will be worthwhile.

Why so expensive?

Why isn’t there an installment option?

Why no refunds?

Human beings hate committing because doing so is risky, which is scary. The lump sum forces you to choose whether to take action about changing your life. You are free to accept or decline but the uncomfortableness you feel is the fear of taking a chance and being unbalanced, and nobody likes that except weirdos.

I’m not offering refunds for three reasons (besides the hassle):

  1. No going back so you’re more likely to keep paddling
  2. I don’t want anyone pond squatting one of the 200 spots and preventing another Duck from landing
  3. Prevents dipping paddlers into the water just to try and then backing out later.

Everything I teach is based on scientific research. Looks financially painful, maybe even a turn-off? There’s a purposeful reason. Plus I don’t play marketing games with odd-dollar, limited-time-only or phony “regular pricing” gimmicks, although feel free to break down into a monthly ($250) or daily ($8.22) cost if that helps.  

So First Flock pays once $3,000 for lifetime access, benefits and connections. In one year after First Flock graduates to support, based on your feedback and results, I’ll determine standard fixed pricing for all new Duck’s one-year prescription and their recurring annual fee for ongoing habit and group support.

One last thing, please watch the video above if you haven’t because I explain a workaround for both the cost and limited enrollment, which I hope some of you choose so that we can comparison test the eventual habits results. I’d actually prefer some of you select the mini-Flock option for reasons I’ll explain later. Part of me thinks it could be more effective but I can’t possibly know without comparing.

Otherwise enter your email to try Orientation for the next month, then here’s the big scary button to click when/if you decide to commit.