1:1 Online Training

One-on-One coaching with me is customized into exactly what YOU need.  There is no one-size-fits-all approach. This coaching program involves personalized attention and support to help you meet your health, fitness, and nutrition goals despite your busy schedule!

Here’s how online training works:

✔ Getting Started -   Review of your current dietary habits and typical routine using assessment sheets provided. I’ll also provide you with a sample meal plan within guidelines we come up with.

✔ A Program Designed for YOU - After going over your client questionnaire, I’ll design a program with your goals and life in mind.

✔ Coaching

  • Weekly Check Ins via email due every Friday - with feedback from me that includes tips, tweaks and suggestions the same day if you check in by 10am Friday morning, with progress pictures due every two weeks.

  • Daily Communication - You can communicate with me throughout the week with questions using our personal communication channel. 

  • Nutrition will be focused on macronutrients and bio-feedback, you’ll learn what works best for your body, even learning how to fit in alcohol and treats.

  • Honesty - As a coach it is my job to be honest with you and challenge you. It will not always be pom-poms and cartwheels but a gentle nudge back into reality. I will never yell at you because ultimately your decisions only affect you.


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